Having previously endured the protracted process of a GP referral for Microsuction, I discovered The Ear Health Clinic in Macclesfield. This efficient,  convenient and reliable service has been invaluable, enabling me to book times that suit and have the procedure carried out effectively with no hassle or discomfort. I would certainly recommend.

D Greenwood

 Thanks to Kate's prompt and conveniently arranged treatment, always carried out with care and expertise, what was a long-standing earwax problem is now a thing of the past.

J Harris

Kate saved my hearing! I went to my GP complaining of hearing loss. He said I had wax in my ear and to use drops. It had no effect so I went for Microsuction. Kate found that under the wax there was an infection that had perforated the ear drum! She sorted me out!

I asked my GP what happens to the wax that is dissolved by ear drops. He shrugged! With the Microsuction you know for sure that all the wax has been completely removed. Kate has a very professional, competent but gentle approach.

J Haslam

 I have been attending Kate's clinic for approximately 3 years.

Prior to this I was having my ears syringed by my GP nurse. I continually had ear infections and they became difficult to clear.

On attending Kate's clinic, Microsuction was used. Kate prescribed antibiotics and Microsuction twice a year. This has been a total success in sorting out my hearing problem.

I fully recommend Kate and her excellent treatment.

R Brown